Fair: Norwegian Modern 3-4 September 2016

Norwegian Modern

Norwegian Modern is most likely the most holistic exhibition for Norwegian design and interiors
from the Mid-Century period from 1930-1970. Norwegian Modern takes Place once a year and
presents high-end design and furnitures from all over Norway. The fair was formerly known
under the name “Nordic Design Fair”.

Deltakende butikker/ exhibitors:

Skogen Design
Utopia Retro Modern
Botanisk hage møbelforretning
Retrolykke kaffebar
Modern Tribute
Futura Classics

Iceland: Nature, design and the puffin

Skogen Design has been to Iceland to discover Icelandic design and the beautifulness of the country. Islanders constitute a fantastic community of hope – a community of seeing possibilities where there seems to be none – only lava rocks, wind and rain around the next corner.

Brian isbree

Three things seem to follow the tourists in Iceland: Nature, design and: the puffin. The little bird, for good reasons called sea parrot in German, should turn out to be at the centre of our trip to Iceland. First of all you see tourist items of the bird all over the place.

We decided to travel around Iceland with a typical Nordic chair. Our small and cosy family hotel, the Hotel Lotus was really kind lending us their red chair for a day and giving us the best weather forecasts! We went to the black beaches of Vik and to Skogafoss. The travel with the “pinnestol” gave us some interesting experiences and ensured some fascinating encounters. Amongst other with this puffin-loving Asian lady.

asian puffin lady

Another thing that struck us in Iceland is the high quality food. Due to the weather we had to stay a whole day in the Blue Lagoon and the food at the restaurant “Lava” was great. We also had delicious food at restaurant “Dill”.

restaurant dill

The Icelandic optimism and hope seems to manifest itself in a stunning variety of design stores literally on every corner! During the Design March, a yearly designer’s festival in Reykjavik, we passed by in one of the Icelandic design stores with longest traditions: Epal. Epal has defined Icelandic design since the start for over 40 years ago. The visit to Epal turned out to be more special than expected since we met the founder himself: Eyjólfur Pálsson! In his store we also met Sigurjón Pálsson who is one of the most famous current Icelandic designers in wood. He designs wooden figurines for the Danish brand Norman.



However for the Design March Sigurjón had designed a new prototype of a wooden bird; You would guess which one, namely a beautiful puffin…


We left Iceland with fantastic nature and design experiences, but without ever seeing live Iceland’s supposedly most famous bird, the puffin.

landscape iceland


Cannibalism solves overpopulation!

Skogen’s designer and interior architect  Antonio Cascos Chamizo is participating with his Project To Eat or to be Eaten – A Guide to Cannibalism on this years Designers Saturday in Oslo from the 5th – 6th of September as part of the team from Arkitekthøyskolen (AHO). His project can be seen at Galleri Seilduken, Fossveien 24.

A Guide to Cannibalism is combining graphic and product design to challenge a “food taboo”. Antonio creates a fictional scenario in which cannibalism is socially acceptable and could solve the world.


Antonio has gathered information and facts that ethically justify cannibalism, to promote its potential as a solution to global issues such as overpopulation and lack of resources. These facts are presented in the Guide to Cannibalism, which includes chopping charts for correctly butchering bodies to get the best cuts, and recipes for ways to cook the meat with other Foods. Antonio has created plasticine models to demonstrate the recipes, such as tenderloin with cider and designed the Hairy Bowls, which look like human skin and are covered in real hair.


Antonio was born and raised in Madrid, lived in London (UK), Horsens (DK) and Turin (IT) where he obtained an Industrial Design degree in the Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design (IAAD). Later he received a Master degree’s in Interior Architecture and Furniture Design in the Oslo National Academy of the Arts (KHiO). We are looking forward to having Antonio as one of Skogen Design’s designers and interior architect.


Purchase Antonio’s Art!

If you would like to purchase The paper Version of A Guide to Cannibalism or Hairy bowls please contact us on skogendesign@gmail.com or tel. +47 974 24 587.

hair bowl


Light of darkness

“The stunning beauty of details rises up in the darkness, while the intense daylight makes it difficult to shine”  Sandra Jimenez Osorio 


Osteklokke av B. Motzfeldt med Fiken

Cheese bell “Benny” by Benny Motzfeldt with figs ©sandrajimenezosorio

Student of Arts and Anthropology. Passionate for the origin and history of materials. Self-taught in bakery and pastry. Trained at the atelièr Pierre Hermè  in Paris, where she perfected her technique of haute pastisserie. She moves between the worlds of design, decoration and antique textile restoration.

Sandra Jimenez Osorio is a Colombian photographer and food stylist based i Madrid.  Texture forms and earthy nature colors are dominant in her  photography. “The objects´textures are best defined in the dusk” and she confirms, “It’s not easy to shine in day light”, therefore the dark, grey and, simple ambience in her photographs.

The warmth, simplicity and origin of  Skogen´s objects inspired her to work with us. This charming, wonderful and bare photographic sequence is the outcome.

Kobberfat av Bjørn Engø med chilli og skalldyr

Trays with enamel on bronze by Bjørn Engø with cryfish and chili ©sandrajimenezosorio

Kobberfat av Bjørn Engø med forskjellige typer pepper

Trays with enamel on bronze by Bjørn Engø with different peppercorns©sandrajimenezosorio

Osteklokke av Benny Motzfeldt med sopp

Cheese bell “Benny” by Benny Motzfeldt with chantarelle and mushrooms©sandrajimenezosorio

Osteklokke av Benny Motzfeldt med ost

Cheese bell “Benny” by Benny Motzfeldt with brie ©sandrajimenezosorio

Kobberfat av Bjørn Engø med druer

Tray with enamel on bronze  by Bjørn Engø with drapes ©sandrajimenezosorio


Tekkane med candysukker

Vintage teapot and tray with enamel  by Bjørn Engø with profiteroles and crystallized sugar©sandrajimenezosorio

Tekanne med vannbakkels og candysukker

Vintage teapot and tray with enamel by B. Engø with  profiteroles and crystallized sugar ©sandrajimenezosorio

More information about Sandra here.

More information about the products :

Cheese bell “Benny” by Benny Motzfeldt

Trays with enamel on bronze by Bjørn Engø

Vintage teapot